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We have out first eBook, soon to be an app!!


Our first eBook, makes the Hazard Communication standard accessible to the layman or novice Safety Professional in the Safety Manager position.  It also creates an easily adjusted template for each construction site!  Our eBooks will become an app that automatically generates 

We have created a Tutorial System completed that starts with an in depth training that takes apart the standard into task oriented section, for example, the purpose and maintenance of a chemical inventory.  The section ends with a fill in the blank who is best placed to maintain a current and accurate inventory of chemicals.

The information in the blank goes into the written Program and sometimes into the power point training presentation.  Because of the tutorial the Safety Manager can do an excellent job presenting the information in the power point instead of hiring a consultant, saving thousands of dollars a year.

 If you want to learn more about how it works send an email to cih@psahs.com or call 920-944-9143.

Coming Soon:

  • Checklists for comparison to written programs or documents to find missing pieces
  • White papers on topics such as Summer Hazards
  • eBook on other standards requiring written programs or documents
  •  Downloadable apps such as one that fills in Shipping Papers for Hazardous Materials regulated by the Department of Transportation
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