When do you need a Certified Industrial Hygienist?

In 2019 the Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, reported over 5,000 workplace injury fatalities. The BLS does not report illness fatalities.

In 2019 there were over 55,000 occupational illness fatalities. Deaths due to exposures in the workplace, sometimes more than 20 years before they died.

Guide to Employee Health Risk Analysis pictogram purpose

  1. Review SDS, the Revision Date should be less than 5 years old.
    • Review the adverse health effects, the exposure limits, storage requirements, and incompatibilities. VERY IMPORTANT:
    • Is the chemical Ototoxic- damages hearing?
      • Is the chemical Absorbed through Skin- increasing exposure?
    • Is the chemical a Sensitizer- bad way to lose great employees?
    • Is their an Action Limit, AL, a Ceiling Limit, C, or a Short Term Exposure Limit?
    • Is the exposure limit under 250ppm or 200mg/m3 ?
  2. Compare how the chemical is stored and used to the SDS, increased exposures are likely to be generated when:
    • Solvents used in temperatures above 70’F may have increased Vapor Pressure (smellier, indicates exposure)
    • All chemicals used in a spray or aerosol
    • Large surface area, such as large vats with no cover
    • Lids left of paints so that they become solid for disposal
  3. Evaluate current engineering controls:
    • Are the local exhaust intakes properly placed?
    • Is the source generation point close enough to the intake? (usually no)
    • Are the comfort fans blowing the air contaminants into the next work area? (common source of underestimation of employee exposure when sampling.)
    • Are employees bypassing your controls? WHY?
  4. Compare employee workpractices and distance to air or noise contamination sources.

If the answer to any bullet point in List #2 is “Yes” you should have sampling conducted, or conducted again, if there has been a change to the working conditions or the data over 3 years old.

Call or email us, our CIH Consultants will do an onsite assessment and tell you if you do, OR DO NOT, need to conduct sampling.

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