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Health Risk Analysis

What is involved?

  1. Provide input into recommendations on improving the health and safety of workers and the surrounding community
  2. Explain the components and value of a hazard communication program
  3. Based on the hazard, develop recommendations for risk mitigation
  4. Identify appropriate program performance measurements
  5. Interpret regulatory requirements and communication with regulatory agencies
  6. Evaluate potential risks of previously unrecognized hazards
  7. Prepare a simple, written hazard communication program
  8. Establish priorities for risk management
  9. Compare exposure magnitude to the data to determine the risk
  10. Evaluate data and develop tools to communicate the hazards with the public
  11. Identify potential risks of complex/complicated exposure scenarios
  12. Review data to determine the hazards of chemicals and processes
  13. Participate in overall risk analysis and management of a health hazard, process or workplace
  14. Determine criteria for exposure acceptability
  15. Make accurate qualitative exposure judgments
  16. Apply management of change and periodic reassessment to determine exposure acceptability
  17. Choose appropriate sampling and analysis methods to determine exposures
  18. Apply and communicate the IH hierarchy of controls to inform or support organizational policy
  19. Identify and document critical information about agents, processes, activities and workforce
  20. Apply the appropriate exposure model to determine exposure risk
  21. Identify signs and symptoms of overexposure
  22. Manage the process of interpreting exposure assessment results with appropriate tools (determine statistics, probabilistic statistics, Bayesian decision analysis)
  23. Establish similar exposure groups (SEGs)
  24. Define the goals and purpose of an exposure assessment