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When do you need to bring in a Certified Industrial Hygienist, CIH?

  1. OSHA has required air or noise sampling, they only accept sampling data from a CIH.
  2. Your concerns are related to employee exposures to chemicals on site, especially when chemical exposures include:
    1. Adverse health effects that are not immediately apparent, such as cancer or reproductive hazards.
    1. You are planning a process and need to identify hazards when chemical additives mix, or the process calls for heat or pressure.
    1. Employees express concerns about exposures to chemicals and you want to put their mind at ease or prevent/prepare for an OSHA Complaint Investigation.
    1. You don’t have a strong background in chemical hazards and have questions.
  3. You have concerns about employee exposure to noise, have extended work shifts when employees are exposed to noise (it reduces the Action Level and Permissible Exposure Level.)
  4. You need someone to create/deliver a training in complex chemical exposures and their controls for your employees that will show that you are not adding controls just to make their lives more difficult.

Practical Safety and Health also has a Mentor Program for Safety Managers.  For an annual negotiable fee we provide:

  • A familiarization walk through with your Safety Manager to see you processes and review your Safety Data Sheets so that, when you call with questions, we can provide an answer in context with your workplace conditions.
  • Onsite sampling at 25% off the normal hourly rate.
  •  Assistance with identifying changes in your workplace that may require a re-assessment of employee exposures.

Give us a call at 920-944-9143 or email at cih@psahs.com

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